Saturday, February 23, 2008

Miss Clarity Cafe: Cheap and Nice

Along the shophouses in Purvis street, there's a lively little restaurant called Miss Clarity; the bright and energentic decor brings forth a great place for gatherings.

Miss Clarity Cafe

Looking through the menu, each of the dishes has its own unique name, such as 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm', which reminds us of our childhood memories. To get our stomachs churning, we decided to settle on one set meal each.

Salad / Soup

Salad / Soup (Add Ons),   S$3 nett,   

With just an additional of S$3 to every main course ordered (which makes a set), you will get yourself a bowl of soup or salad, a drink, plus a dessert of the day - which we thought was damn worth it.

Cream of Carrot served was pretty good, reasonably thick and rich. As for the salad, it was nothing extraordinary, with the usual lettuces, carrot slices, and thousand island dressing.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Old MacDonald Had a Farm,   S$16 nett,   

Interesting name to fit this dish, it consisted of a "farm" for us to feast on, where there were beef steak, lamp chop, crispy chicken, chipolata (a kind of Italian sausage), bacon, ham and potato wedges, served with Clarity's special black pepper sauce topped with sunny side up.

Due to the complex medly of all the farm animals, the taste and quality also turned out to be a complex mixture. The pork was real tough, the beef and lamp were mediocure, but the rest of them were all pleasingly delicious. Portion was sure huge, and we only recommend this to big hungry meat eaters, or for friends who wants it for sharing.

Roasted Chicken Leg

Roasted Chicken Leg,   S$9.80 nett,   

Yummy! We both proclaimed. Perfectly roasted whole chicken leg - crispy on the outside, and hot steaming tender on the inside. Everything just sinks into your teeth so smoothly, together with the wonderful companion of the sauce and mushroom and potato fricassee, we can't help wanting more and more of it!

Be it a quick dinner, a friends' hang out, or a social gathering, Miss Clarity Cafe is just the correct place, where decor and food comes together to give a good blend of visual, mood, and of course, joy to your stomach without burning a hole in your pocket.

Miss Clarity Cafe - Bugis
Miss Clarity Cafe - Bugis
5 Purvis Street, S(188584)
(+65) 6339 4803
Mon - Sat: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Sun: Closed


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dian Xiao Er: Herbally Good

Would you join in the long queue just to try one of these Herbal Roasted Ducks?

Herbal Roasted Ducks

Trust me, you will.

Herbal Roasted Ducks

Since it's very first branch at Marina Square, Dian Xiao Er has been so well received that soon, everyone was speaking wonders of their famous roasted ducks. Crowds after crowds will gather outside the restaurant, and we're glad they opened a few more branches; and here we are, joining the queue of the branch at Vivo City.

Mongolian Spare Ribs

Mongolian Spare Ribs (Small),   S$12.80++,   

Fried Spare Ribs covered all over by some thick spicy sweet sauce. We have no idea how "Mongolian" this was, but they certainly were crunchy and addictive.

Braised Assorted Mushroom with Broccoli

Braised Assorted Mushroom with Broccoli (Small),   S$14.80++,   

Not exactly very bad, but for the price that you pay for this dish of bland broccolis, plus some unknown weird tasting mushrooms, we would recommend something else instead.

Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb

Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb (Small),   S$12.80++,   

Being their main specialty, this didn't fail to amaze us with its heavenly combination of Angelica (Tung Gui) herbs and roasted duck. The duck meat itself, was plump, tender and succulent, topped with a layer of finely roasted skin.

These fresh whole ducks, are marinated with herbs and spices for long hours, before they get roasted in a special oven from Germany. No wonder Herbal Roasted Ducks had never tasted this good before. Indeed, a must try!

Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herb

Duck Roasted with Ten Wonder Herb (Small),   S$12.80++,   

Ten Wonder Herb is yet another version to choose from the series of Herbal Roasted Ducks. However, the taste of the this herb could be quite subjective - strong to the right amount for some, but overpowering for some.

Baked Fresh Prawns JiangNan Style

Baked Fresh Prawns JiangNan Style (Small),   S$18.80++,   

Baked Fresh Prawns JiangNan Style, also a signature dish of this restaurant, is only exclusive to the Vivo City's outlet. Just like their ducks, they were a well balance of crispiness and juiciness.

Fried Man Tou

Fried Man Tou (4 Pieces),   S4.50++,   

Hot and crispy on the outside, fluffy and loose on the inside. A great filling alternative for people who don't want rice.

'Dian xiao er' actually refers to 'waiter boys' in the olden times. When you step foot into this restaurant, it reminds you of ancient China - those scenes that you usually see on TV. Their extra effort for putting up chinese decors, and dressing up their servers in cute ancient uniforms, made the whole place very cosy and welcoming. The service is fast and efficient, and you don't really have to wait very long. Herbal Roasted Ducks didn't disappoint us in the least bit, and we would definitely return for more. (We're missing them already!)

Dian Xiao Er - Vivo City
Dian Xiao Er - Vivo City
#02-137/8, Vivo City
1 Harbour Front Walk, S(098585)
(+65) 6376 9786
Mon - Sun: 11.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Goodwood Park Durian Puffs: One is Not Enough

Many should hear about the durian products from Goodwood Park Hotel Deli. This is our first time trying them out.

Durian Puffs

Durian Puffs (20 Pieces),   S$36++,   

Sink your teeth into one of these puffs, and we gurantee you that you'll fly to heaven. Alright, 'flying to heaven' is a bit exaggerating; but we've never eaten Durian Puffs like these before, and they are by far, the BEST.

Durian Puffs
Trapped between the fluffy puffs, are the richness of the thick durian filling. In local terms, it's really 'gao gao' to the max.

Goodwood Park Hotel Deli is undeniably well acclaimed for their durian pastries. However, they are eminently pricey for the average, and is more suited for once in a while indulgence. (A cheaper, mini, and almost as fulfilling alternative would be the durian puffs from Puteri Mas. We'll blog about it when we get our hands on them.)

Goodwood Park Hotel
Goodwood Park Hotel Deli
Ground Level, Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road, S(228221)
(+65) 6730 1786
Mon - Sun: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.