Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SG Nasi Lemak: Sedap!

UPDATE: SG Nasi Lemak has relocated to Ang Mo Kio. (Refer to address at bottom of post.)

Situated next to the famous Chomp Chomp Food Centre where all scout for tasty food, the Serangoon Market seems to contain wonderful hidden finds too.

A humble-looking Nasi Lemak stall at the corner caught our eye as we see a queue forming as early as 6pm.

Ayam Merah,   S$3.30 nett (+S$1 Chicken Wing),   

The spotlight of Ayam Merah (their signature dish) is the chicken. It had been deep fried then further cooked together with their special homemade gravy which complemented perfectly. Despite being cooked twice, the chicken remained tender, and even eating the gravy by itself is an indulgence - the sweetness is excellent and the spiciness level totally flatters our local taste. As for the rice, we do find the coconut flavour slightly bland.

Overall, price is reasonable and portion is great. Do give it a try.

SG Nasi Lemak
SG Nasi Lemak
#01-1565, Blk 339, 339 Restaurant
Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, (S)560339
(+65) 8128 5997
Tue - Sun: 7 a.m. - 8.30 p.m.
Mon: Closed


Friday, April 3, 2009

Tetsu: The Work of Art

We were given the opportunity to review Tetsu's new menu and it had been rewarding. The new menu consists of much more deliciously and meticulously prepared food which never fail to entice our taste buds.

Kawa Ebi Karaage and Fugu Mirin Boshi

Kawa Ebi Karaage,   S$8++,   
Fugu Mirin Boshi,   S$10++,   

The Kawa Ebi Karaage on the extreme left are deep fried river shrimps, and because they are so small, you can pop in several of them and feel the satisfying crunch between your teeth.

Next to the shrimps are strips of Fugu Mirin Boshi (dried puffer fish) - a rare delicacy which can be deadly if not prepared properly. Being our first time trying "poisonous" food, we had all sorts of questions running through our minds. I got surprised on my first bite when the puffer fish turned out to be sweet and chewy (but not puffy like what I imagined). Lionel commented that its texture slightly resembled our local favourite 'Bak Kwa'.

Yaki Niku

Yaki Niku,   S$18.50++,   

This piece of prime beef tenderloin is in good hands! Hand-grilled to perfection, we fell in love with the soft tenderness and succulence of the meat instantly. Plus, something different about grilled tenderloin in Western cuisine and Japanese cuisine is the sauce, and this one here matched wholly.

Fish Hire and Cheese Katsu Roll

Fire Hire,   S$14.50++,   
Cheese Katsu Roll,   S$16.50++,   

A well-breaded fried fish (behind) is added to the Kushi-Age family, and with every bite you could feel the crisp of the skin, while the flavour, softness and moisture of the fish fillet retains.

Also in the Kushi-Age family, the Katsu had evolved into cheesy rolls (in front)! The peppery taste of the breaded pork makes it a good contrast against the sweetness of the carrots and asparagus, and the melted cheese just adds more kick although I would personally prefer even more cheese. Make sure you eat this dish fast before the cheese turns cold and hardens.

Unagi Sushi

Unagi Sushi,   S8++,   

Take a break from all the strong flavours with these freshwater eel sushis - light with a dash of natural sweetness.

Tai Kabutoni

Tai Kabutoni,   S$28++,   

An expensive air-flown premium red snapper head, undeniably fresh but I find the meat a little too tough and salty for my liking. Perhaps it was the method of cooking.

Katsu Curry Rice

Katsu Curry Rice,   S$16.50++,   

Unlike other Japanese curries that are often powdery and too sweet, this smooth curry (a special recipe by Tetsu) is fragrant yet not overpowering, and it simply slides down your throat and warms you from within. Oishii!

Surprise Dish from Chef

Surprise Dish from Chef,   

We were in for a surprise personally prepared by Chef Kent, and it was AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Radish was painstakingly hand crafted into a shape of a Ohitu (some Japanese rice bucket which looks like this), and inside, it was filled with salmon roe and more radish, ALL exaggerating fresh and luscious. We've never had anything like that before! Greatest thanks to Chef Kent (but a pity the dish is not on sale).

Yuzu Ice Cream on Strawberry Sherbert

Yuzu Ice Cream on Strawberry Sherbert,   S$5.80++,   

Yuzu (pomelo), strawberry, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit and pine - a myriad of tastes packed into this unique Japanese ice cream.

Savouring the end products after months of hard work and intense preparation from the Tetsu's chefs brought back memories when we first tried Tetsu. There is an apparent improvement, and the new menu definitely brings about more variety and excitement to the customers.

#03-18, Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road, S(247933)
(+65) 6836 3112
Mon - Sun: 11.30 a.m. - 10 p.m.