Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rite Pizza: More Cheese Please!

For a change, I thought I would order something else rather than the usual Pizza Hut.

Winter Special

Winter Special (12" Medium),   S$30.50 nett,   

Judging from the name Winter Special, I supposed this was a pizza created exclusively for this season of "Winter". (Is it still winter now? I don't even know.) Anyway, it's just a wild guess. Back to the pizza - topped with cheese, lettuce, turkey bacon, lettuce, chicken ham, lettuce, cheesy sausage (no signs of it), lettuce, pineapple, lettuce, mayonnise, and lettuce. On the first look, I thought they had given me a vegetarian (lettuce) pizza by mistake.

Apart from the not very appealing sight, Winter Special turned out to pretty alright. One thing which caught everyone's instant liking was the pizza crust - fine crisp delivered the moment my teeth sank in.

Ocean Delite

Ocean Delite (12" Medium),   S$0.00,   

Since it was "Buy One Get One Free", this was free. Ocean Delite - a juicy mix of shredded tuna, onions, crunchy green peppers, covered with hot melted cheese, garlic powder and thin mayonnise. However, I thought that this failed to proclaim itself as a seafood pizza. There wasn't the slightest tinge of seafood greatness in it, at all. (Shrimps and crabsticks stated as two of the toppings in the pizza menu, were nowhere to be found.)

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings (3 Pieces),   S$4.50 nett,   

I was having some reservations when ordering this, because I was expecting just three small drumlets for the price of S$4.50. Luckily, to our delight, three pieces Chicken Wings really meant three whole pieces (inclusive of both drumlets and wings). Taste wise, it was considerably good (if you don't compare them to Pizza Hut's), with the sweet BBQ sauce smeared all over.

Mashed Potato

Mashed Potato,   S$1.50 nett,   

Fuffily mashed potatoes, a pity it doesn't come in any gravy. Initial mouthfuls were still acceptable, but the later part was it too dry to even continue.

Maybe we ordered the wrong flavours or from the wrong branch, because from the pictures here, I was expecting a whole lot more chunk of cheese. Rite Pizza didn't seem very truthful nor generous in the ingredients they gave. Nevertheless, the prices were pretty reasonable. No GST, no delivery charges - all nett from the menu.

Rite Pizza
Rite Pizza
Home delivery to all areas islandwide
(+65) 6899 3838
Mon - Sun: 10.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.


5 comment(s):

ladyironchef said...
wow! i didn't know abt this Rite pizza. onli know canadian, sarpino. hahaha

thanks a lot!
Anonymous said...
I was surfing the internet for comments on Rite Pizza as I have yet to try it and found your blog review on it.

You sure Pizza Hut is good? I have removed Pizza Hut from my list donkey years ago. Overpriced for a staple food in Italy and no 1-for-1. If i were to spend so much for Pizza Hut, I would rather go for italian cafe/restaurant pizza.

Frankly speaking, almost all pizzas ordered via the phone taste the same. My current fave chain is Pizza De France - Try their spicy macho and sunshine delight!

Ok i will try Rite pizza today.
Kaiyi said...
The only thing I fancy about Pizza Hut is their sweet and spicy drumlets. Pizzas are a no-no.

Ya I agree that "almost all pizzas ordered via the phone taste the same." If it wasn't for the convenience since it was raining that day, I'd rather go down to a pizza parlour.
Anonymous said...
man i cant believe somebody actually blogged about rite pizza
Anonymous said...
Interesting to know that there is actually some topics that someone cannot blogged about.