Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hog's Breath Café: Carnivores' Hangout

What does a Pinky Pig got to do with a café famous for its Prime ribs? But that question didn't matter when we went ahead to enjoy the UOB 1-for-1 promotion over at Holland Village branch.

Hog's Breath Cafe
Be welcomed by Hog's Breath Café Holland Village's signature laidback ambience, as you step into a totally different snug and homely state; with wooden furnishings and idiosyncratic displays of memorabilia (such as retro gramophones, old record covers, posters of Aussie outback) to polish off the vibes.

Since it was a 1-for-1 main course promotion, being the gluttony (kiasu) us, five of us decided to whack six dishes at one go, where the following were what we ordered:

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Chicken Caesar Wrap,   S$12.90++,   

This was something like the "Ang Mor" version of "Popiah" - with a flour tortilla acting as the skin wrap, and with fillings consisting of sliced chicken breast with cos lettuce, bacon bits, croutons, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing. Juicy yet not soggy, this Chicken Caesar Wrap had just the adequate balance between crunch, firmness, and succulence.

Cheese Burger in Paradise

Cheese Burger in Paradise,   S$14.50++,   

Two slices of crusty burger bread - one topped with beetroot, tomato, and onion rings; while the other was stacked with a slice of thick tender beef patty, followed by sliced cheese, and a swirl of BBQ sauce. Served together as a side, was the Hog Tail Fries (a name given for the restaurant's curly fries), which stayed crispy till the very last bite!

Chicken Dijonnaise

Chicken Dijonnaise,   S$20.50++,   

We (were too busy eating and) didn't manage to take any photos of this dish. The marinated grilled chicken breast was rather tough, but it was delectably topped with avocado and smothered with creamy Dijon mustard sauce.

Jamaican Chicken

Jamaican Chicken,   S$20.50++,   

These grilled chicken breast were marinated in sweet Caribbean seasoning, and were softer than the ones in the Chicken Dijonnaise. Served over seasoned rice, and topped with warm creamy mango sauce; there were salad and a smooth velvety mashed potato to complete the meal.

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon,   S$20.95++,   

What's likeable about this Atlantic Salmon was that it being grilled till a crisp layer was formed outside, yet retaining its freshness and fluffiness on the inside. For those who likes a slight tinge of sourness to your salmon, there's lime hollandaise sauce put aside just for you.

Tex-Mex Combo

Tex-Mex Combo,   S$26.00++,   

Due to a few non-beef eaters, this was the only dish we ordered that consisted of Hog's Breath renowned beef steaks.

A generous portion where you will get to choose between chicken or chunky beef chimichanga (a deep fried burrito (Mexican wrap) that originated in Tucson, Arizona) - topped with cheese sauce and tomato salsa, to go along with a luscious sirloin steak - how "well done" you want it is entirely your call. And to further pile on the carbos, there was one big fat baked potato with mayonnaise, and even a hidden serving of Cajun rice.

Funny how we rated most of the dishes 'three-and-a-half hearts out of five'. We thought that all the food were above average, and we don't have a bad thing to say about Hog's Breath. In conclusion, a great place for the big appetites (and meat lovers), where your hunger will definitely be satisfied, but do not overeat, else you will end up like the mascot of this café.

Hog's Breath Café - Holland Village
Hog's Breath Café - Holland Village
267 Holland Avenue, S(278989)
(+65) 6466 0145
Sun - Thur: 11.30 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Fri - Sat: 11.30 a.m. - 1 a.m.


3 comment(s):

Anonymous said...
How can you write a review on Hog's Breath Cafe when u haven tried the specialty dish - the Prime Rib!!!!

oh man go try it!! it is good!

i think it is unfair for hog's breath cafe. Once u tried the Prime Rib i bet they will get their well deserved 5 stars

The steak on the tex mex combo is a regular sirloin steak that was not slow cooked for 18 hours.

Go try a prime rib at Hogs Breath Cafe Chijmes then update this review.
Eat Eaten Ate said...
I think we didn't order the prime ribs because it wansn't not included in the promotion! Haha. Plus we most of the people were non-beef eaters.

Anyway, your comment is noted! Thanks, we'll do another review again the next time we try it :)
Anonymous said...
i really enjoyed the meal, but the service is very poor, its so dissapointing..