Thursday, February 26, 2009

CP: Part 2 of the Prepacked Series

Today I present you two new delights from the CP series.

CP Mexican Wings
You can prepare this by either oven toasting or deep frying; opt for the former if you want a healthier choice as the wings are already pre-fried.

CP Mexican Wings

CP Mexican Wings,   S$$4.95 nett,   

I like it sinful so I chose the frying method and the first thing that caught my attention was the smell, which reminded me of KFC fiery drumlets with its crispy golden brown skin and a dash of red pepper. It looked so tempting that I took it with high hopes, but sad to say, it was nice on the outside but not on the inside. It tasted bland, and it could be better if it contained more of the oomph-factor!

CP Glazed Teriyaki
I've been purchasing packets of CP Glazed Teriyaki way before these samples came in simply because they're quick, easy, and delicious.

CP Glazed Teriyaki

CP Glazed Teriyaki,   S$4 nett,   

Once ripped open, there is an inner clear bag which you can conveniently throw into the microwave oven or boil in hot water. The result is tender chicken morsels soaked in mildly sweet and zesty Teriyaki sauce. Oh I loveee the sauce!

CP offers decent easy-to-do home snacks / dishes that wow your guests or family.

CP Foods
Available in all leading supermarket stores
(+65) 6538 7020


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