Monday, February 9, 2009

Kuishin-Bo: Second "New" Branch

The basement of Jurong Point was revamped into a whole stretch of food street called Shokutsu 10 Osaka, filled with a new cluster of Japanese restaurants, including a second branch of Kuishin-Bo.

Pardon me when I use the word 'new', because when we went to try, it was really new then. Haha but I've been constantly updating my personal blog yet too lazy to update this one, that all my super backdated waiting-to-be-reviewed food reviews had snowballed into a huge (old) collection!

It's high time I start.. a few entries (hopefully) for the moment.

The peaceful looking zen setting can never be peaceful once the noisy crowd sets in.

Edamames and Sushis

Edamames and Sushis,   

What are Japanese buffets without Sushis? But these were of average taste and quality, and I always believe in not stuffing yourselves with too much Sushis because they're filling!



Our three favourite kinds of Sashimis - salmon, tuna, and swordfish.

Chawanmushi and Cha Soba

Chawanmushi and Cha Soba,   

The steamed egg in the Chawanmushis were soft and smooth; while the Cha Soba was like any other.

Snow Crabs

Snow Crabs,   

Advertised as the star attraction of the buffet, these Snow Crabs were indeed the cream of the crop!

Snow Crab
Sweet succulent juices spurt right into your mouth with every suck made on the fresh snowy meat! Wow these Snow Crabs totally won me over since the first time I tried it, and it had always been the ONLY reason why I'd still return to Kuishin-Bo this time when the rest of the buffet had long degraded.

Anyway, like I mentioned in my first post about Kuishin-Bo, I still think topping up S$10++ for the dinner buffet is worthwhile because of Snow Crabs.

Hot plate dishes were something that the Jurong branch offered over the Teppanyaki dishes at the Suntec branch.

Beef Burger on Hot Plate

Beef Burger on Hot Plate,   

I've read other food reviewers saying how hard and overcooked the beef patty was, and I think the restaurant tried to improve it by breaking up the beef patty into smaller pieces. It was still quite hard and overcooked, but at least easier for consumption now.

Salmon on Hot Plate

Salmon on Hot Plate,   

The Salmon meat was rather flaky, and the raw beansprouts were a weird combination.

Omu Rice

Omu Rice,   

Rice here was hard, omelette was slightly overcooked (due to personal preferences), but the sauce was pretty nice. Not bad but again, be mindful of its filling nature.

During dinner buffets, the restaurant would play a tune that goes "Dong dong dong 123.." (I'm sure you've made fun of it before) to give out special dishes for the first 30 customers.

'Kiasuism' was overwhelming as the whole string of people literally surged forward in line within seconds, even faster than a fire evacuation.

Mini Lobster with Sweet Chilli

Mini Lobster with Sweet Chilli,   

Okay we were one of the first 30 Kiasu buffet crowd, and we got this Mini Lobster. Actually it wasn't really fantastic, but rather the sense of satisfaction in getting the special item.



Bite-sized desserts are always good so you could try a much wider variety.

Tiramisu, mousses, jellys, eclairs..

Green Tea and Vanilla Soft Serve

Green Tea and Vanilla Soft Serve,   

A sweet messy way to end the buffet!

Unless someone's throwing a treat for us, we would never return to Kuishin-Bo again. Not that it's really really bad, but because we had already grown sick of all the variety there. Time for a new buffet venue!

Kuishin-Bo, The Authentic Japanese Buffet Restaurant - Jurong Point
Kuishin-Bo, The Authentic Japanese Buffet Restaurant - Jurong Point
#B1-47/51, Jurong Point Shopping Centre
1 Jurong West Central 2, S(648886)
(+65) 6792 9286
Mon - Sun: 11.30 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Buffet Lunch:S$26.90++ (Weekdays)
S$28.90++ (Weekends)
Buffet Dinner:S$35.90++ (Mon - Thur)
S$39.90++ (Fri - Sun)


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Sam said...
A great place for people who loves unlimited sashimi, tempura prawns and all kinds of jap food. Came here on a friday for the last hour supper buffet. Sashimi taste pretty fresh, salmon and all. The tempura prawn i would say its great, though inconsistent due to different chef but i would say its actually comparable to restaurant standards.