Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kuishin-Bo: Worse After Renovation

I remember I used to be very excited going over to Kuishin-Bo for a buffet meal, but sadly, I no longer feel the same now. After a renovation in April 2007, standards dropped - both variety and quantity.

This afternoon, I went for Kuishin-Bo again, for the third time after its renovation. (I didn't take any pictures in the previous two rounds.)

Sushi Section

California Handrolls



Colours and presentation were attractive. They made decent sushis, except for the rice being too hard, and they didn't stick together very well. Anyway, just grab a bit of these to start off, and then move on. Don't stock up your buffet stomachs with carbos!



We all love free flows of Sashimis, because they are fine, fresh, and always aperitive. Japanese people believe that Sashimis should be eaten first, before other strong flavours affect the palate.

Seafood Section



The seafood section was quite pathetic. Kuishin-Bo used to serve fresh oysters before the renovations, but now they'd replaced them with mussels instead. Prawns were pretty fresh, while the conches were just sick (at least to me and a few others). Yellow brainy juice (or whatever that is) oozed when I dugged out the conch flesh, and it was utterly appalling to my mouth - tasteless tough rubber.

Deep Fried Section
I didn't take anything from the deep fried section because nothing tempted me there.

Teppanyaki Section



Beef, chicken, dory and salmon - the four standard meats good enough to have in Teppanyakis.

Kaminabe Section


Beef Kaminabe,   

The best dish of this restaurant I supposed was the Kaminabe (Japanese paper steamboat). Given the cold weather lately, it was much of a joy to slurp through a pot of boiling hot soup. Rich overflowing sapidity streaming into your throat, and down to warm your stomach. Terrific.

Cold Noodles Section

Cold Noodles

(From top left, and clockwise down:) Soba, Cha Soba, Udon,   

The cold noodles were merely passable - they just made it through the mark; and soba sauces were towards the "too salty" side.

Fondue Section

Dessert Section
Expansive selections from the dessert sections.

Dessert and Fondues



Desserts came cute, tiny, and in delectable assortments. The chocolate fondue was irresistably fudgy (it goes best with the bananas); eclairs exploded inside mouths with icy cold ice cream; fruit tarts were good; mini donuts were covered with overly sugary coatings; and mini cakes were acceptable. Though the quality was fairly good, the best bet was that they were all bite-sized :) Sweet sweet treats.

The first time there is always a good experience, but subsequent visits would deem Kuishin-Bo as "not so nice" anymore. If you really want, add an approximate S$10 more and go for the dinner instead - you get free frow of expensive snow crabs, and special items like baked lobsters, candy floss and such. But still, the price could probably get me better buffets elsewhere.

Kuishin-Bo, The Authentic Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Kuishin-Bo, The Authentic Japanese Buffet Restaurant
#03-002, Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard, S(038983)
(+65) 6238 7088
Mon - Sun: 11.30 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Buffet Lunch:S$24.80++ (Weekdays)
S$27.80++ (Weekends)
Buffet Dinner:S$33.80++ (Mon - Thur)
S$39.80++ (Fri - Sun)


3 comment(s):

Anonymous said...
never been to kuishin-bo before, but i heard good things abt it from people i know

But now that you say standard have drop, mayb have to think twice before going there to try it out
Kaiyi said...
Yeah i used to love it a lot last time. You can still go if you want. Just go ONCE, and go for the dinner :)
FoodieGymmie said...
went there twice, first time love it! 2nd time was disappointed, and i nv went back agn... lol...