Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A* Joe Curry: Best Curry Chicken

Thick curry, tender chicken, crisp bread - rounds up the best of A* Joe Curry.

Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken,   S$4.00 nett (+S$0.60 Bread each),   

In this bowl of curry, you'll find the best balance of ingredients: curry powder, coconut milk, and even oil. The spicyness level is also well taken care of - just nice for the general.

Curry Chicken
Just like the potatoes, the chicken was soft, and a pleasure to eat. The meat was easily separated from the bones, without going through any huge curry splattering struggles. And, you wouldn't want to miss the french loaves here. Warm, crusty, and thinly sliced, they went perfectly well with every dip of the curry gravy.

One of the best curry chickens we ever had, but a point to note - the price. We noticed that they always ask for the number of people sharing the curry, and if you ever tell them, you are into a big rip-off. They could charge up to S$16 for two bowls of curry, four loaves of bread, for a total four people. While S$4 per pax sounds reasonable, one bowl of curry only costs (at most) S$5, and a loaf of bread costs S$0.60, which amounts to only (at most) S$12.40. So, always INSIST on specifying the amount of curry you want.
- "A bowl of S$4 curry and two loaves of bread please."

A* Joe Curry Cuisine
A* Joe Curry Cuisine
Level 1, Blk 153a
Serangoon North Ave 1, S(551153)
Mon - Sun: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.


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Lex said...
Hi anyone knows if this is still around?
Eat Eaten Ate said...
Yes it is. Our favourite!
Anonymous said...
Hello! May I know where is this place relocated to?