Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lerk Thai: Lacks Aroma

It was one of those occasions when you have no plans of where to eat.

Lerk Thai
We were walking past the ground floor of Paradiz Centre, and we decided to hop into one of the smallest branches of Lerk Thai. It was bright, clean, and able to house only a maximum of 30 customers I suppose.

Kway Teow Tom Yam Talay

Kway Teow Tom Yam Talay,   S$6.90++,   

The Tom Yam broth was the clear, see through type, loaded with prawn(s), few pieces of squid, mushrooms, beansprouts, and a handful of Kway Teow as the main. Soup was sensational sour and spicy, but however, the portion wouldn't be enough to fill even a 5 feet tall guy. Then again, S$6.90 (restaurant price) with seafood? You shouldn't expect much.

Pahd Thai

Pahd Thai,   S$6.90++,   

The fragrance of Thai's famous Fried Kway Teow wasn't very well carried out by this restaurant. Noodles felt bland and "old" - like they've been fried over a forgotten period of time. Dried shrimps and chilli flakes were very spicy, and they seemed to convey the message, "tasteless? Fear not! Add these in to mask everything."

Pahd Woon Sen

Pahd Woon Sen,   S$6.90++,   

This was a little better than the Pahd Thai. Quite a lot of vegetables plus few chicken pieces, fried together with Tang Hoon (glass noodles). Moisture and taste obtained the passable mark.

Gaeng Kiew Whan Gai

Gaeng Kiew Whan Gai,   S$7.00++,   

A good dish of Green Curry takes pride in gentle spicyness, yet maintaining its thick strong flavour of the coconut milk. This was, yes, not very spicy, but definitely not flavoursome enough. Worse, it was served barely warm.

Lots of the dishes were just 'not fragrant enough'. Taste wise, they were nearly clean forgotten as soon as we stepped out of the restaurant. Probably it was due to the allocation of substandard chefs to a less patronised branch of Lerk Thai. Apart from all, the prices were reasonable enough for a bet at another branch.

Lerk Thai - Paradiz Centre
Lerk Thai - Paradiz Centre
#01-06, Paradiz Centre
1 Selegie Road, S(188306)
Sun - Thur: 11 a.m. - 10.30 p.m.
Fri - Sat: 11 a.m. - 2 a.m.


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