Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coffee Club: Coffee and Beyond

Stop for a moment in front of Coffee Club to inhale a few breaths of the strong coffee aroma. Absolutely tantalizing.

Coffee Club
This gotta be the place for you to throw yourselves onto comfy sofa seats for a good chill.

Iced Tiramisu Latte

Iced Tiramisu Latte,   S$8.90++,   

A bitter sweet mix of Tia Maria and Marsala Wine concoction, topped with a rich scoop of vanilla ice cream, and decorated with chocolate shavings.

Iced Mocha Vanilla

Iced Mocha Vanilla,   S$6.90++,   

Vanilla ice cream, cinnamon powder, milk and chocolate syrup complete this scintillating doppio espresso, served with a hint of fragrant mocha and sensual spice. Slurp this up fast before the ice melts and takes a place at the bottom.

Polenta Chicken Bites

Polenta Chicken Bites,   S$7.50++,   

Appetisers are supposed to whet one's appetite, and this one certainly had done its deed. Fork your way through these bite-sized lemon-infused chicken pieces, coated with Polenta flour and then deep fried. So crispy and juicy, you won't stop at one.

Slipper Lobster Linguini

Slipper Lobster Linguini,   S$16.80++,   

Missed the first word, and we thought that it was a big lobster dish for a moment. In a plate of Linguini cooked in Aglio Olio style, was a fresh piece slipper lobster paired with piquant tomato sauce. Seafood tasted sweet and was rather close to that of crayfishes'; Linguini were supple with a redolent touch of garlic; and capsicums further add on crunch to the dish.

Crusted Dory Gremolata

Crusted Dory Gremolata,   S$13.90++,   

We've never eaten such a crumbly version of dory fillets before, and man, it was remarkable! Two tender dory fillets coated in herbs and breadcrumbs baked till nice and crisp, drizzled with a lovely parsley and poached egg sauce, and served with spicy Chorizo mashed potatoes underneath. Do not be deceived by its dainty presentation, because as you uncover the well hidden portions, you'd be filled to the brim in no time.

Matcha Tiramisu

Matcha Tiramisu,   S$4.90++,   

This wasn't in the menu. We just happened to spot it on display outside and decided to make an order of it.

Matcha Tiramisu
While nice on its own (with red bean fillings, soft spongy cake and all), this however failed its name, 'Matcha Tiramisu' big time. The main Matcha flavour was close to naught, and it doesn't carry any characteristics of a Tiramisu at all.

Muddy Mud Pie

Muddy Mud Pie,   S$6.90++,   

Who can resist a giant slab of luxuriously smooth Cappuccino and chocolate ice cream on an Oreo crust, flooded in a pool of more crumbs and ribbons of warm chocolate fudge? This dessert is sure to blow you off your mind, and get you chocolate high.

From their famous coffee, ranging to their desserts, main courses, and even to appetisers, we are loving them all! Prices are, to our surprise, very reasonable for the kind of quality food, relaxing atmosphere, and helpful service we received.

Coffee Club - The Central
Coffee Club - The Central
#03-105/106/107, The Central ©
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, S(059817)
(+65) 6534 9080
Mon - Sun: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.


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