Monday, July 7, 2008

Shimbashi Soba: Soba So Good

Shimbashi prides in their homemade noodles, and at its shopfront, you could literally watch the Soba Master as he grinds fresh buckwheat moments before every lunch and dinner.

Shokado A

Shokado A,   S$19.80++,   

The Shokado A set includes a bowl of the well acclaimed chilled Soba, salmon Sashimi, fish cutlet, and teriyaki chicken. Sides were very much of the average, but the Soba was WOAH! Firm, chewy, and with an awesomely velvety texture. And even after slurping the noodles down, there was a soothing aftertaste of the buckwheat which lingers on in your taste buds.

However, one thing which we don't like was that the tsuyu (Soba sauce / soup) was already mixed in together with the noodles. We somewhat prefer dipping the strands ourselves.

Gyuniku Touzani

Gyuniku Touzani,   S$7.20++,   

We've always liked the Japanese stir-fried kind of beef, and this, was really superb! It's really a wonder how braised beef could actually feel so springy and succulent, and juicily seasoned with the sauce! Overall dish was a tad salty, but still very delicious!

Funwari Matcha Cheese Cake

Funwari Matcha Cheese Cake,   S$7.20++,   

Just in this small plate of delicate looking dessert, you'll find an absolute fusion of everything nice! Green tea cheese cake, small pieces of cut fruits, red bean paste and vanilla ice cream. I'm afraid that this size frankly isn't quite enough.

Shimbashi will never disappoint you with their freshly milled, freshly made, and freshly cooked Soba. The other dishes were so far okay. We haven't really tried much, but a lot of reviewers mentioned not to pin high hopes though. We also noticed that Tempura Serio seemed to be a popular favourite among the restaurant's customers. Hmmm, worth considering a try.

Shimbashi Soba
Shimbashi Soba
#B1-41, Paragon
290 Orchard Road, S(238859)
(+65) 6735 9882
Mon - Sun: 11.30 a.m. - 10 p.m.


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