Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hokkaidolicious: Worth Every (Air-Flown) Cent

Get a taste of Hokkaido without having to spend a lump sum travelling there? There we were, squeezing in the fun on the second last day of the Hokkaido Fair.

Hokkaido Fair
The human congestion was ostensively insane, not any lesser than those seen in I.T. and mega food / travel fairs. Singaporeans really do follow the whiff of good food.

Seafood Stall
The Boiled Taraba Crabs (on the far left) is sure a delicacy to one's stomach, as well as an expensive S$130 bomb to one's wallet.

Beans Stall
Sea of healthy Japanese beans.

Mochi Stall
Mochis, or also what known as rice cakes, are made from pounding glutinous Mochi rice till soft, then molded into spheres or cubes and filled with (usually) bean pastes.

Green like "The Hulk", soft like a jelly, we present you the Green Tea Mochi.

Green Tea Mochi

Green Tea Mochi,   S$2 nett,   

Just a gentle reminder, this is strictly a green tea lover snack, because once bitten, the heavily coated green tea powder will flood your entire mouth with its dry bitterness, and reveal its hearty red bean paste center.

The Queue for Butter Manju Cakes
Voila! The outstanding long queue caught our attention, and we too joined in the wait for..

Butter Manju Cakes
these Butter Manju Cakes!

Butter Manju Cakes

Butter Manju Cakes (10 Pieces),   S$11 nett,   

Being "true" Singaporeans, we were 'kiasu' enough to buy 20 pieces at one go to make our one hour queue worthwhile. The pancakes came two flavours, namely red bean and custard.

Red Bean Butter Manju Cakes
The touch of these bouncy cakes simply urges you to pop them into your mouths and start chewing right away.

Custard Butter Manju Cakes
Both flavours are unique to each of its own. The red bean one felt more coagulated with substance, while the custard one is more of the rich and smooth kind.

Sweet Potato

Grilled Sweet Potato,   S$6.85 nett (According to Weight),   

What you are seeing now is not the any one kind of Sweet Potatoes selling in the streets. Behold and beware, this is bounteously loaded with custard inside and highly addictive. The prolonged sweetness of the potato chunk, and the chilling custard that flows with every nibble dangles you for more of it!

Grilled Scallop

Grilled Scallop,   S$5.20 nett,   

Rubbery when cold, the Grilled Scallop is best eaten piping hot from the grill, where the savoury seafood freshness and aromatic sauce spurts madly in all directions inside your mouth.

Soft Grilled Scallop with Cheese

Soft Grilled Scallop with Cheese (200gm),   S$36 nett,   

Even in dried form, these Japanese scallops are still OMFG yummy, if not, yummier! By fishing the second last packet explains how popular these dried scallops are despite the steep pricing.

Shinori Matcha Cake with Chestnut

Shinori Matcha Cake with Chestnut,
S$10.45 nett (According to Weight),   

You are having the best of two worlds within a single join of this green tea and cheese synthesis. Dense and tight, yet not too heavy to take; bits of soft hidden chestnuts pile on to the sweet surprises.

Rich Stick Fromage

Rich Stick Fromage (6 Pieces),   S$15 nett,   

If you think that Beard Papa cheese cake sticks are one of the best, wait till you try this. We never had one with such full-blown superiority before! Fluffy yet firm, the cheese has a tinge of loveable sourness and upon the caress of your tongue, the cake melts into globs of satiny cream. Ultimately a dessert to die for!

Thinking of trying it? Sadly to say, all left behind are just memories kept in our hearts and taste buds, because we won't have the chance of trying these again until the next Hokkaido Fair in 2009. Till then...

Hokkaido Fair 10th Anniversary
Hokkaido Fair 10th Anniversary
Level 1 (Atrium), Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5, S(529510)
Presented by Isetan: 4 - 13 July 2008


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ladyironchef said...
i missed both the hokkaido fair at isetan scotts and tampines! haha. sad sad, have to wait for the next one
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square watermelons anyone?